Goodbye, Multiply! :(


Isn’t it ironic to start my first blog post here in WP with goodbye?


Well, don’t get me wrong. Multiply is still around. It’s just that the management had decided to remove the blogging portion of it and focused more on the commercial side.–>> it’ll explain more about the details


As they say, nothing lasts forever…


I was saddened by the notice of the webhost of my (then) personal online journal.


Change is inevitable. It is constant. I was reminded of this truth. Hence, there’s a need to think and to relocate; I need to continue what I like doing though things aren’t going my way.


For the five fruitful years of my blogging experience in Multiply, I’ve learned to appreciate and share sentiments to others and to inspire and be inspired by others’ stories. It doesn’t stop there.


So here I am again.. starting a new blog life… because sharing great things and blessings GOD has given us shouldn’t stop just because one window closes.


And why did I choose WordPress as a webhost?


Pressing words together to make a good thought and sentence.



Let’s rock this blogosphere together! 🙂 


To GOD be the glory till eternity! 🙂



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